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Ancestors of Gene Arnspiger and Jo Archer

Welcome. Thirty years ago, I began the search for my childrens ancestors. The ARNSPIGER family and the ARCHER family. The quest began with a conversation with great grandmother Elsie Christine Wickfelder Arnspiger. During that conversation she shared with me a newspaper clipping about the death of her father-in-law, George William Arnspiger. That clipping gave his father's name, Gabriel Arnspiger, and his mother's name, Malinda, and his county of residence, Jessamine county, Kentucky. I was off and running.

We choose to name our first child Malinda Laura Arnspiger, after these newly discovered ancestors. Malinda Downs is her and Laura Childs Steeves, wife of George William Arnspiger, is her gt. gt. grandmother.

As we all know from personal experience, the spelling of the Arnspiger surname is always a challenge for others. Please understand that the records from over 100 years ago are even more inconsistent. I have found different spellings for the same person in the same document. I have attempted to show the most common variant spelling of each individual if possible. Generally speaking the Kentucky branch used Arnspiger and Arnsparger predominately. The Maryland branch used Arnsberger and Ernsberger. The Pennsylvania branch used Ernsberger. The original spelling from the signature of Jorg (George) Heinrich was Ernsberger. Although it looks like Ernstberger from the signature, the handwriting from 1737 made the "s" look like a "t". In between, I have found variant spellings for all of the different branches too numerous to mention.

The following three men represent the main family lines.

The Arnspiger Line

George Heinrich Ernsberger, ca 1720-Feb 1754, known as Henry in most documents I have found, lived a relatively short time in the colonies. He arrived in Pennsylvania in October 1737 and died in Lancaster county, PA in February 1754. Eighteen years is a relatively short timeframe. I find it amazing to think of all the people who have come after him, because of him.

The Archer - Wise

Reverand Henry Stephen Archer Sr, 2 May 1831-13 June 1909, was a respected and much loved Baptist minister serving a large portion of Mississippi during the mid to late 1800's. He lived a long and properous life and left many descendents.

Jacob Wise, 15 May 1771-18 Mar 1845, was a pioneer settler of Monroe county, Ohio. Jacob and his wife Mary were the founders of the Wise ME (Methodist Episcopal) church in Monroe county, Ohio. Jacob came from Greene county, PA.

My work is not yet done, as it is never done in genealogy, but I feel this legacy needs to be shared with others in the family.

Please contact me for additions, corrections or comments. Jo Arnspiger

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