The 28th of June while in Rotterdam getting ready to start my Zernbli died and was buried in Rotterdam.  The 29th we got under sail and enjoyed only 1 Ĺ days of favorable wind.  The 7th of July, early in the morning, Hans Zimmermanís son-in-law died.

We landed in England the 8th of July, remaining 9 days in port during which 5 children died.  Went under sail the 17th of July.  The 21 of July my own Lisbetli died.  Several days before Michaelís Georgli had died.

On the 29th of July three children died.  On the first of August my Hansli died and Tuesday previous 5 children died.  On the 3rd of August contrary winds beset the vessel and from the first to the 7th of the month three more children died.  On the 8th of August Shambienís [Schreiber, Schriver?] Lizzie died and on the 9th Hans Zimmermanís Jacobli died.  On the 19th Christian Burgliís child died.  Passed a ship on the 21st.  A favorable wind sprang up.  On the 28th Hans Gasiís [Hans George Gotz?] wife died.  Passed a ship 13th of September.  

Landed in Philadelphia on the 18th and my wife and I left the ship on the 19th.  A child was born to us on the 20th Ė died Ė wife recovered.  A voyage of 83 days.

Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, p. 12-16, Vol. 2, 1979

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