Henry Ernstberger:   In the name of God father son and Holy Ghost know all men by these presents and to whom these presents shall or occasion have to know and wear as the soul is made to the likeness of God .... (translation indicates next line is unreadable)  
Any of worldly goods unto the hand and grace of God if they should depart from my body and my body interment to be buried in a christian like and decent manner at the resurrection received the same again by the mighty power of God.

2nd My world estate belonging thereto left after my deceased I give and bequeath the third part to wife Magdalena the moveables as may be named as at will and she shall be Heirs thereto as __ the plantation belonging so I give my will that she shall do therewith what she pleases or find it to be best but if she should not be able to manage said plantation then she shall sell it by herself or upon the ____  ____ the third part thereof she shall be a Heirs thereto this I have willed by my good and sound mind & memory that these presents shall stand before ___ and wor an unknown place dly offices.  In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal.

Henry Ernsperger   Seal  (this was signed in original German script)

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