Those Who Went Before
Arnspiger, Archer and Wise Families
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[S86] Anthony Loranz & Barbara Bolender, Certificate, 25 March 1843, Fulton co, Il.

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[S101] Cecelia Martin Jo Arnspiger. August 11, 1999 litorah (e-mail address).

[S103] 1880 Federal, Butler co, Al.

[S104] 1870 Federal, Butler co, AL.

[S106] 1920 Federal Soundex, Forrest co, MS.

[S107] Forrest co, MS Marriages.

[S109] 1850 Federal, Frederick co, MD.

[S110] Peggy Lutz Dorothy Grantham. in possession of Jo Arnspiger.

[S111] John Walter Favorite, The Favorite Migration.

[S116] Obituary of Thomas J Douglass.

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[S124] Vickie Ickes, Arnsparger, Dec 12, 1998.

[S125] Eva Harris, Arnsparger, 30 May 1998, e-mail address.

[S127] 1880 Federal, Henry co, KY.

[S133] Donna K Riley, "Riley, Donna email," e-mail message from unknown author e-mail (Ky, Jessamine) to Jo Arnspiger, 5 May 1998. Hereinafter cited as "Riley, Donna email".

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[S136] Tom Kiska, Stovall, 1/20/2000, e-mail address.

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[S166] Sterling Crowder;.

[S167] Warren co KY.

[S213] Letter from Arthur Dunn (11541 Mother Lode Circle, Gold River, CA 95670) to Jo Arnspiger, 1990; unknown repository (unknown repository address).

[S214] Compiled, Swazey Cemetery, Monroe co., Ohio (n.p.: Hereinafter cited as Swazey Cem., Monroe co, OH.

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[S265] Stovall Family Association, online unknown url. Hereinafter cited as StovallAssoc.

[S266] Douglas Wayne Ernsberger, "Ernsberger, Doug email," e-mail message from e-mail address (1963 Crestview Dr, Prescott, AZ) to Jo Arnspiger, 29 Dec 2001. Hereinafter cited as "Ernsberger, Doug email".

[S271], online

[S276] Ima Zylks-Adcox, Descendants of John Parker (1740-1793) and his wife Sarah Gordy (1743-1825) of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia & Georgia (n.p.:, unknown publish date). Hereinafter cited as Parker Descendants.

[S280] Sue Owens, "Owens, Sue email 12/18/02," e-mail message from e-mail address (unknown address) to Jo Arnspiger, 12/17/02. Hereinafter cited as "Owens".

[S284] Unknown household, film, unknown repository address, unknown repository.

Unknown author, "Parker Ahnentafel
," e-mail message from Terry Leisner (unknown address) to Carl Bierele, Feb 2001. Hereinafter cited as "Parker Ahnentafel".

[S291] Emalene Rohrer, "RohrerFamily," e-mail message from unknown author e-mail (unknown address) to JessList, 01/0703. Hereinafter cited as "Rohrers".

[S302] Tina Gilbert, "Trisslers," e-mail message from e-mail address (unknown address) to Jo Arnspiger. Hereinafter cited as "Trislers".

[S324] SSDI, online Hereinafter cited as SSDI.

[S357] Page co, IA, Alpha Listing of Military Veterans of, online Hereinafter cited as Military Veterans Page co.

[S362] Butler Alabama, Consolation Cemetery, online Hereinafter cited as Butler, AL Consolation Cem.

[S364] Henry Co, Ky Marriages, online Hereinafter cited as Henry co, Ky Marriages.

[S365] Willie Bea Bradley, Jess Co Ky Marriage extracts in "RootsWeb Jess KY Marriages", listserve message to, unknown original date. Hereinafter cited as RootsWeb Jess KY Marriages.

[S367] MEMPHIS SHELBY Co, TN HISTORY AND GENEALOGY INDEXES ON THE INTERNET, online unknown url. Hereinafter cited as Memphis, TN Library Online.

[S371] Rev. Wesley Smith, A Family History and Fify-Two years of Preacher Life in Mississippi and Texas. (n.p.:, 1898). Hereinafter cited as Fify-two Years.

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